There is always something new in the Ranch

Whatever is your academic holiday zone, the Ranch organizes riding training courses, all skill levels, from beginners to experienced riders. foret

Do not hesitate to contact us, a training is made for you and kids.

Prepare your summer holidays.

During summertime, Ranch organizes training courses and horse rides.
Training courses for kids or adults. One day training course in group or, if you cannot find a course that suits you, then please contact the office and let us know your requirements so that we can organize an appropriate course.

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stage_enfants poneys_shetlands

And enjoy the horse rides to the lake and ocean.
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Vanille and Vesper will be one year old in may

Vanille et Huahine Vesper et Hermine Vesper

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The 1st of May is the Ranch day.

Prepare next 1st of May.

Pictures of the young riders the 1st of may 2010

cuistots buffet Repas

bonne humeur Spécial poulet Daniel

Deux fleurs Tchin tchin frites