Horse rides in the south west of France


Small group horse rides according to your skill level. You will be accompanied by an instructor

We can organize horse rides only with your family, contact us.

  • One hour ride = 20€
  • Two hours ride = 35€
  • 10 hours ride for customer in the year = 140€
  • 10 hours ride for Occasional customer = 150€
  • Pony ride in hand, half an hour = 10€
  • Pony ride in hand with our care, half an hour = 13€
  • Horse ride to the lake = 50€
  • Horse ride to the ocean = 60€

  • For beginners :

    Horse rides with two paces, walk and trot, with docile and gentle horses


    For middle levels :

    Introduction of the gallop according to the skill level of the riders

    For experienced riders:

    Rides with three paces, horses according to the skill level of each rider

    Horse rides to the lake :

    For experienced riders, at any age, this three hour ride allows you to cross through the forest to the lake of Sanguinet
    Gallop in the lake, games with horses.
    This ride with three paces needs a good skill level of riding


    Horse ride to the ocean :

    Only on reservation
    This fantastic ride needs a good skill level of riding
    The ranch carries horses to the ocean, you will enjoy an hour and a half of gallop and games on the Biscarrosse beaches.
    Horses are carried back to the Ranch by lorry .

    GOOD RIDERS, do not hesitate !
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