Training in the south west of France


Whatever yous level

The Ranch has a training course for you(If you want with accomodation, contact us)

  • One day = 60€
  • Training with accomodations : 500€/6 days

    You can pass your riding exams. (galop 1 à 7)
    Don't hesitate a training course is made for you or your kids

    Prepare your summer holydays

    from the 2d of July, during all summer, The Ranch organize training courses and horseback ride.
    Training courses for kids or adults. One day or more as you wish.
  • You will get acquainted with horses
  • You will perfect in the chosen specialism
  • You can validate your level by the passage of an examination (galop)
  • And don't forget, every saturday, Horse rides to the lake .
  • Don't hesitate to contact us. We always have an adapted solution .

    The ranch is affiliated to the « Fédération Française des relais d’Etape de Tourisme Equestre ». It received three « roses of winds » for the rider's accomodation, and three « horseshoes » for horse's accomodation.
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